Learn Quantum Computation using Qiskit

A university quantum algorithms/computation course supplement based on Qiskit


    0 Structure of this Textbook

Chapter 0. Prerequisites

    0.0 Python and Jupyter Notebooks
    0.1 Qiskit
    0.2 Linear Algebra

Chapter 1. Quantum States and Qubits

    1.0 Introduction
    1.1 The Atoms of Computation
    1.2 The Unique Properties of Qubits
    1.3 Writing Down Qubit States
    1.4 Pauli Matrices and the Bloch Sphere
    1.5 States for Many Qubits

Chapter 2. Single-Qubit and Multi-Qubit Gates

    2.0 Introduction
    2.1 Quantum Gates
    2.2 Fun with Matrices
    2.3 The Standard Gate Set
    2.4 Proving Universality
    2.5 Basic Circuit Identities


    Set 1 -- Classical Logic Gates with Quantum Circuits
    Set 2 -- Basic Synthesis of Single-Qubit Gates
    Set 3 -- Building the Best AND Gate

Chapter 3. Quantum Algorithms

    3.0 Quantum Teleportation
    3.1 Deutsch-Josza Algorithm
    3.2 Bernstein-Vazirani Algorithm
    3.3 Simon's Algorithm
    3.4 Quantum Fourier Transform
    3.5 Quantum Phase Estimation
    3.6 Grover's Algorithm

Chapter 4. Quantum Algorithms for Applications

    4.0 Simulating Molecules using VQE
    4.1 Solving Satisfiability Problems using Grover's Algorithm

Chapter 5. Investigating Quantum Hardware Using Qiskit

    5.0 Calibrating Qubits with OpenPulse
    5.1 Introduction to Quantum Error Correction using Repetition Codes
    5.2 Measurement Error Mitigation
    5.3 Randomized Benchmarking
    5.4 Measuring Quantum Volume

Chapter 6. Implementations of Recent Quantum Algorithms

    6.0 Variational Quantum Linear Solver

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